Objectives of the Association

The objectives of the Association are:

  • To support the development of shipbuilding and ship repairing industry in Bulgaria and related activities.
  • To represent and to protect the common interests of it’s members in front of the state and the local authorities and administrations in the country snd in the international organizations.

Means of achieving the objectives are:

  • To represent and uphold the reasoned positions, and to initiate and prepare new and changes to existing regulations affecting to shipbuilding, ship repairing and related activities.
  • To promote collaboration and cooperation among it’s members.
  • To participate in the work of the advisory councils to state and regional authorities.
  • To contribute to the coordination of common interests and activities in order to achieve a better level of education of young specialists and potential future employees in the companies - members of the Association.
  • To unite the efforts of members of the Association to carry out research and development - implementation programs of mutual interest.
  • Using it’s actions BULNAS to contribute it’s members to establish direct contacts with local and foreign companies and organizations.